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Portable Wedge Kicker
Portable Wedge Kicker


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Actual Size: 41" L x 19" W x 12" H

Outlets: 1


Experience the versatility of the Portable Wedge Kicker! At Party Right Texas, we provide a top-quality portable wedge kicker rental that caters to various sports and activities. This flat, easy-angled ramp offers endless possibilities for athletes and enthusiasts seeking to enhance their skills and take their performance to new heights.

The Portable Wedge Kicker is designed to accommodate a range of sports, making it a perfect choice for skateboarding, BMX biking, scooter riding, and more. Its flat and angled surface provides a smooth transition for riders, allowing them to perform tricks, jumps, and stunts with ease. Whether you're a beginner looking to practice basic maneuvers or an experienced athlete aiming to perfect advanced techniques, this portable ramp is a valuable tool in your training arsenal.

Foldable and portable, our Wedge Kicker offers convenience and ease of transportation. Its compact design allows you to take it to different locations, whether it's your local skatepark, a friend's backyard, or any other suitable spot for your training sessions. Set it up quickly and easily to create your own personalized practice area wherever you go.

Built with durability and weather resistance in mind, our Portable Wedge Kicker ensures long-lasting performance. It is constructed with high-quality materials to withstand frequent use and varying weather conditions, allowing you to train and perform with confidence. The ramp's surface provides optimal grip, ensuring stability and safety during your sessions.

With its modular design, you can expand your ramp setup by adding more ramps side by side to make it wider or end to end to create a spine. This versatility allows you to customize your training area to suit your preferences and desired level of challenge, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing your skills.

Unleash your potential with the Portable Wedge Kicker. Party Right Texas offers top-quality rental options for athletes and enthusiasts of all levels. Let us provide you with a foldable and portable wedge kicker rental, allowing you to focus on pushing your limits and achieving your goals.