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Ultimate Grind Rail Kit
Ultimate Grind Rail Kit


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Actual Size: 12” to 15” tall

Outlets: 1


Unleash your skateboarding creativity with our Ultimate Grind Rail Kit! At Party Right Texas, we offer an exceptional skateboard grind rail rental that provides everything you need to take your grinding skills to the next level. This Ultimate Grindrail Kit is a versatile and comprehensive setup that offers endless possibilities for riders to challenge themselves and explore new tricks.

Our Ultimate Grind Rail Kit includes two pole jams, allowing you to add an extra element to your rail sessions. With the rainbow rail insert, you can easily assemble a 12-foot long and 21-inch tall rainbow rail, providing a unique and exciting feature for your grinding adventures. Additionally, the kit features a 6-foot long flat bar that is height adjustable from 12 to 15 inches tall, offering versatility to suit your preferred difficulty level.

Constructed with wide flat bar design using cold-rolled steel, our Ultimate Grind Rail Kit ensures durability and stability during your grinding sessions. The powder-coated finish adds a sleek look while ensuring a smooth surface for the ultimate grinding experience. This versatile kit can be configured in over 10 different ways, providing endless opportunities for you to showcase your skills and create your own custom skatepark.

The Ultimate Grind Rail Kit is not limited to skateboarding alone. It is suitable for various action sports, including snowboarding, biking, scooters, and more. With its compatibility with other Freshpark manufactured obstacles, you can easily connect and create a dynamic setup tailored to your preferences and skill level.

Perfect your grinds and unlock new possibilities with our Ultimate Grind Rail Kit. Party Right Texas offers top-quality rental options that cater to skateboarders and action sports enthusiasts of all levels. Let us handle the delivery and setup, allowing you to focus on enjoying the ultimate grinding experience.